Star Wars Eclipse: Its development would not be so chaotic

Star Wars Eclipse was announced during The Game Awards 2021, following rumors about it. Quantic Dream has published a trailer and some information, allowing us to know a little more about what story we are going to be dealing with, without revealing too much to us, to keep a part of mystery.

However, in the aftermath, several hallway noises mentioned the fact that this development would not take place in the best possible wayand that its release may not take place before 2027. Quantic Dream had already responded, for the first time, to the rumors, explaining with a bit of irony, that a game could not be postponed, if it had not release date, and that the workforce had increased significantly, for the studio’s various projects.

More recently, AccountNgt, the one who first leaked the name of the game, and other information that has been confirmed, returns with new, reassuring details. According to his feedback, Quantic Dream does aim to make Star Wars Eclipse its next big game, so implying that the goal is to launch it fast enough. (and not in 2027). What’s more, the development, qualified by several “insiders” as catastrophic, would not be that much, quite the contrary.

If so, we should know in a few months, perhaps during the various events this summer, since the studio could show us a little more about Star Wars Eclipse. No date or release window has yet been communicated, but one thing seems certain, we should not see it land before the year 2023, at the earliest.

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