Star Wars, Fable, Starfield: Microsoft reassures Xbox fans (especially for 2024)

Microsoft held an overall satisfying Xbox Games Showcase conference, with several announcements packed into an hour. It lacks visibility for the second half of 2023. But the year 2024 looks bright.

Like Casper Ruud in the Roland-Garros final, Microsoft was doomed to exploit. But unlike the Norwegian tennis player, who fell to Novak “Djo-ko”, the multinational was able to raise its head. On Sunday evening, she was broadcasting an Xbox Games Showcase and she needed to reassure fans after a tough year in 2022 and a first half of 2023 that was far from satisfactory. In one hour, the Redmond company has piled up world premieres and pretty trailers.

The Xbox Games Showcase opened with a video of Fable, the reboot announced for a long time and from which we were waiting for news. It could have been a one more thingreserved for the formalization of a new Xbox Series S and a long presentation – planned – of Starfield (the big Xbox game for the start of the 2023 school year). Overall convincing in such a short and compact format, the conference was reassuring. Even if it lacked gameplay and visibility on the end of 2023.

What to remember from the Xbox Games Showcase

The moment 2024

FableAvowedstar wars outlaws (the new game from Ubisoft)… Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II… So many video games that make you want to, but will not be released in 2023. They are nevertheless planned for 2024, which is excellent news for the Xbox catalog (three of the four games mentioned are exclusives).



Star Wars Outlaws:

The moment “It’s beautiful”

Announced a long, long time ago, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II is desired. And the new gameplay trailer is unlikely to lower the expectation. The video game runs on the Unreal Engine 5 and the few minutes shown, captured on Xbox Series X, invite contemplation.

The moment “It’s beautiful too”

Forza Motorsport still shone with the quality of its graphics. The future racing game, developed by Turn 10, promises to be the technological showcase for the Xbox Series X. It, for once, will be released in 2023: it will be for October 10, adding a big game to an already good month. completed.

The Keanu Reeves Moment

The opening conference of the Summer Game Fest 2023 recalled that Nicolas Cage had lost none of his charisma (no). The Xbox Games Showcase also had its star, and not least: Keanu Reeves. The actor came to talk to us about Cyberpunk 2077, more specifically from the Phantom Liberty expansion. It will be available on September 26 and will allow you to meet a character played by Idris Elba. Only numbers 10, then.

The cinema moment

Microsoft gave a few minutes to Microsoft Flight Simulator, a video game of which the company has reason to be very proud. There will be two new features for aviation enthusiasts: the arrival of a 2024 edition (in particular adding professions) and the release of content in the colors of… Dune. In short, we can prolong the pleasure of the film Dune: Part Two while piloting an Ornithopter in the desert. We are promised complex controls.

The hardware moment

From September 1, we will have the choice between acquiring an Xbox Series S at 300 € and an Xbox Series S at 350 €. The differences ? The first is that of today, white and limited to 512 GB, when the new model will be black and will climb to 1 TB. A priori, the hesitation should not last long.

Xbox Series S (1 TB) // Source: Microsoft

The Starfield Moment

At the end of the Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft followed up with a Starfield Direct, an hour-long presentation dedicated to Bethesda’s next big project. Construction, piloting of ships, combats, dogfights, exploration, multiple resources to accumulate, customization galore, various and varied tasks… The game seems to have a rather phenomenal density, but it remains to be confirmed that everything will be well arranged for make you want to immerse yourself in it for hours and hours.

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