Stardew Valley: A mod adds the movie Shrek to the cinema program – Stardew Valley

Eric Barone’s game, Stardew Valley, is no longer to be presented as he has done and is still being talked about today. Besides, Stardew Valley continues to attract new players and inspire modders. In this regard, know that there is a mod allowing to watch the movie Shrek, via the cinema in Stardew Valley.

The mod in question, named in English “Shrek Movie in Theater”, was created by Coffee0001 and is available on the Nexusmods site. Let us specify immediately that it is not a question of the complete film, it would be illegal. Indeed, it is rather a succession of scrolling PNG images, like a slideshow. In any case, it’s rather original and it will certainly make Stardew Valley players smile. Remember that it is, of course, necessary to have the base game in order to take advantage of this mod.

Also note that it is imperative to have unlocked the cinema in Stardew Valley beforehand. To do this, you must have chosen to help the Junimos, at the start of your game, and have brought back all the items requested, via the packages from the Community Center. Indeed, following this, the Joja Market is replaced by the cinema.

As a reminder, Stardew Valley is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One as well as Nintendo Switch and smartphones.

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