Stardew Valley: Community Center or Joja, which to choose?

Stardew Valley, developed by Éric Baronne, was made available on PC and consoles in 2016. Since then, many players have embarked on the adventure. Considered a relaxing game, since it is part of the ” wholesome games “, Stardew Valley does not forget to have main objectives. One of them is conditioned by a very important choice, arriving from the first hours of play.

So, and without further ado, we give you some explanations about the two playthroughs offered in Stardew Valley. Before you jump into reading the next few paragraphs, we would like to point out that the following may contain some spoilers.

Stardew Valley, two playthroughs and two different endings

Two proposals, one choice

During the first hours of play, players embarking on the Stardew Valley adventure will have to do an important choice, even decisive for the sequence of events. Indeed, the latter will have to choose between the following two proposals:

  • Help the Junimos repair the Community Center.
  • Form a partnership with the Joja Market.

In both cases, there are obviously consequences. Thus, it should be taken into account the advantages and disadvantages for each of these proposals.

Partnership with Joja Market

The Joja Market is located east of Pelican Town. It is a supermarket run by the protagonist’s former employer, Joja Corporation. It is the NPC Morris who takes care of the management of the Joja Market.

At the start of the adventure, and when the store is open, players can go to the Joja Market. By speaking with Morris, you will realize that this one proposes to you to buy a partnership cardfor the sum of 5,000 gp.

If you buy said card, you are joining Joja Corporation. The immediate consequence is the pure and simple destruction of the Community Center, an important location for the characters of Pelican Town. The Center will then be replaced by a Joja Warehouse.

From then on, in order to unlock different elements, such as the Greenhouse, the Bridge in the Mountains, the Bus to get to the Calico Desert, you will need to purchase the community upgrades through the Joja Community Development Form. Note that the amounts requested range from 15,000 gp to 40,000 gp.

Usually, forming a partnership with Joja Market is considered a bad choice.

Repair the Community Center

Conversely, helping the people of Pelican Town and the Junimos repair the Community Center is a choice more popular with players.

During the first hours of play, you will have to go to Pelican Town. Doing this will unlock a cutscene, during which Mayor Lewis will lead you inside the Community Center. As the place is now open, it is then possible to perform one of the first quests related to the Golden Scrolls.

Once you have completed this quest, you will be able to read the various Golden Scrolls. So, you will quickly realize that your main objective is now the following: bring back all the items requested via the packagesto unlock community upgrades and repair the Center.

Stardew Valley - Community Center

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