Stardew Valley: How to get the horse?

During your game on Stardew Valley, you will discover many animals and build various useful buildings. This is how, for example, you can raise chickens or you will unlock the horse. In this new guide, we tell you how to get a mount.

Stardew Valley, get a horse

Build the Stable with Robin

In order to unlock the horse, and therefore have a grind allowing you to move faster, you will have to visit Robin, the town carpenter. He is the NPC in charge of the Sawmill, located in the Mountain, north of Pelican Town.

By interacting with her, she will reveal several buildings that you can build in exchange for gold coins and many resources. If you want to unlock the horse, your attention will have to be focused on thebarn. Note that to build the barn, you need the following resources :

  • 10,000 gp.
  • 100 hardwood.
  • 5 iron ingot.

As soon as you have purchased said building, Robin will join you at your farm and begin its construction. From then on, you will have to be patient and wait for Robine to finish her work. When it does, you will then unlock a horse.

The Horse in Stardew Valley

About the horse, in Stardew Valley, let us give you a few more hints. First of all, know that the mount grants a 30% speed bonus. On the other hand, he needs two squares of space, vertically, to move. Furthermore, it is possible to name your steed and even to dress him in a hat.

Stardew Valley - Horse
Eventually, if you get off your horse, it will be waiting for you at the exact location where you left it. On the other hand, if you leave it outside your farm and you go to sleep, it will come back on its own and will be available, as soon as the next morning, at the stable.

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