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During your adventure on Stardew Valley, you will be able to meet a large number of characters, most of whom live in Pelican Town. Moreover, it is quite possible to befriend them or to marry the chosen one of your choice. To do this, several actions should be performed. Thus, we explain, in the following, how to increase friendship level with different Stardew Valley NPCs.

How to increase friendship level in Stardew Valley?

Increase friendship level with Stardew Valley characters can be relatively important and interesting on the game. Although it is possible to lead your adventure without befriending them, we still advise you to do so. Moreover, it will be absolutely necessary if you want to obtain Platinum or 100% of the title.

Thus, there are several ways toincrease friendship level with charactersof your choice, on Stardew Valley. First of all, it is in interacting and talking with them that you can make connections. But that will not be enough.

Second, we strongly recommend that you render various services, including completing the Notice Board quests. These missions will ask you, very often, to bring such an item, according to a specified quantity, to such a villager. Completing these quests may take a little time, but in addition to earning gold coins, you’ll improve your relationship with the character who made the request.

Finally, the best way to increase your level of friendship with a character is to offer a gift which he particularly likes. Indeed, you will have understood it, all the characters like to receive gifts. However, some items do not necessarily please them. For example, by offering Wool to Emily, you are sure to gain friendship points. Conversely, if you give Bread to Leah or Harvey, your friendship level with them will not increase.

As a result, you will have understood it, in order toincrease friendship level with Stardew Valley NPCsit is advisable to grant them time and to offer them, regularly, gifts, while rendering them some services.

As a reminder, Stardew Valley is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and smartphones (iOS and Android).

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