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During your adventure on Stardew Valley, you can just as well make friends with certain characters of Pelican Town, as ask in marriage to one of them. However, for this, it is necessary to perform several actions. Therefore, we show you the procedure to follow to marry a character, on Stardew Valley.

How to marry a character in Stardew Valley?

In order to marry the character of your choice, on Stardew Valley, several actions should be taken. First, check the status of the NPC of your choice and make sure he or she is single. If so, you should befriend this character. Thereafter, focus on an essential point: improve your level of friendship with this same NPC. For this, you will have to interact, regularly, with the chosen one of your heart, to render him services or to offer him various gifts. It can take some time. The goal is to reach 10 friendship hearts.

From then on, make sure you’ve made at least one upgrade to your home. It’s primordial. Then, offer a bouquet (purchasable from Pierre) to the character you want to marry. He/she will then become your “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”.

In order to to propose, you must now obtain a Mermaid Pendant from the Old Sailor, which appears regularly at the beach, except during the winter season. It is by giving this famous item that you will make your request to the elected official of your choice and that you will then be married to said character.

Once the marriage is over, the NPC in question will come to live with you and help you with various tasks on the farm. Note, also, that the maximum level of friendship/love with said character can then be increased up to 14 hearts.

As a reminder, Stardew Valley is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and smartphones (iOS and Android).

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