Stardew Valley: How to unlock access to the Sewers? – Stardew Valley

The proposed world on Stardew Valley is bigger than you might think. It is possible to unlock new areas throughout your adventure, such as the Calico Desert, the Skull Cavern or the Sewers of Pelican Town. Moreover, on this subject, In the following, we show you how to enter the Sewers in Stardew Valley.

Access the Sewers on Stardew Valley

If you’ve ever wandered around the nooks and crannies of Pelican Town, chances are you’ve come across a large metal mouth, dumping trash, to the south of town (as seen in the image below) . These are the Sewers. On this subject, know that it is quite possible to access the interior of this place.

However, for this, you will first need to have accomplished a particular objective: have made 60 donations to the Museum, a building managed and maintained by Gunther, positioned to the east of the city. At the start of your adventure, Gunther will tell you that the Museum’s collection is empty. As a result, he will ask you to help him and bring him different items, including artifacts, books or even specific minerals.

It is possible to find these objects in several places and by carrying out multiple actions: by exploring the mine, by using a hoe on the earthworms on the ground, by fishing, etc. Rest assured right away, while playing, you should collect them quite easily and regularly.

Stardew Valley - Museum
What matters most here is to bring back 60 different items for the Museum’s collection. Once you hit that number, Gunther will give you the rusty keygiving you access to Sewers of Pelican Town.

Finally, let us recall that Stardew Valley is currently available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and smartphones (iOS and Android).

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