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The world of Stardew Valley is composed of several areas that can be explored at will. For some of them, it is still necessary to have carried out certain actions beforehand. This is particularly the case of the Calico Desert, which is not accessible at the start of the game, although it is an important and interesting region.

Therefore, and without further ado, we explain to you how to unlock Calico Desert, on Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley, Calico Desert

Unblock Bus Stop

The Calico Desert is an area located northwest of Pelican Town. However, at the beginning of your game, you will quickly realize that you cannot reach this area. Indeed, as said before, it is necessary to have carried out a very specific action: repair the Bus Stop, located near your farm.

To repair the bus stop, there is two distinct means, which entirely depend on your narrative choices, i.e. whether you have decided to help the inhabitants of Pelican Town by restoring the Community Center or whether you have chosen to join the Joga company. Nevertheless, we tell you how to fix the Bus stop in both cases:

  • Complete all the packages in the Chest at the Community Center.
    • This will require you, in total, to donate 42,500 gp.
  • Purchase the repair of the bus through the Joga Community Development Form.
    • This action will require you to pay 40,000 gp.

Note that after repairing the Bus Stop, you will need to bring 500 gp each time you want to use this transport. 500 gp being the price of the bus ticket.

Calico Desert, additional information

The Calico Desert is a relatively interesting and important area for your game on Stardew Valley. Indeed, there, you can collect coconuts or cactus fruits. Moreover, it is only in the Calico Desert that it is possible to fish for sand fish or scorpion carp.

In the same idea, by unlocking the Calico Desert, you will then have access to the cave of the skull, a new mine. By going to the Oasis shop, you will be able to get seeds that are not sold in Pelican Town. And there are many other elements to discover, which we will not reveal to you in order to keep you completely surprised, in this new area.

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