Stardew Valley: Sieve, how to get the tool?

In order to complete the various tasks required in Stardew Valley, players will need to equip themselves with various tools. Among these we can count on the sieve. So, without further ado, we tell you how to unlock and what is the use of the sieve in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley, get the sieve

How to unlock the sieve?

In order to obtain the sieve, it is necessary to have carried out certain actions beforehand. In fact, it is first necessary removing the Shining Rocklocated near the Mine, in the Mountains of the starting area.

To do this, there are three ways. This depends on the choice you made at the beginning of your adventure, especially between the Junimos and the Joja Market. However, in order to remove the Glittering Rock, one must perform one of the following actions:

  • Complete the Aquarium Packagebringing back all the requested items.
  • Buy “Gold panning” via the Joja Community Development Form.
  • Buy the sieve at the Poisonnerie against 2,500 gp.

Once you have completed one of these requests, wait until the next day and go to the Mountains region. This will trigger a cutscene with the NPC Willy telling you about the famous rock. It is then that he will give you the tool of your lust, the sieve.

The sieve, what is it for?

Using the sieve, you can collect minerals or other objects in different water areas, such as rivers, ponds or lakes. Among the list of minerals that it is possible to find thanks to this tool, we can cite pell-mell: Diamond, Ruby, Coal, Amethyst, Emerald, etc.

So, you will understand, the sieve is relatively interesting to have and could help you if you need ores.

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