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During the adventure Stardew Valley, the players will have to plant different seeds and collect the crops, to sell them, and thus generate profits. It is therefore interesting to know which crops are the most profitable, depending on the season. In this guide, we focus to the best harvests, in terms of yield, in summer.

Stardew Valley, the most profitable crops in summer

The list of all harvests available in summer

As for all other seasons, it is possible to plant some seeds in the summer, on Stardew Valley. Indeed, if you plant an artichoke seed during the summer season, the seed will not grow. The latter being cultivable only during the fall. Others, more specific, can be planted during two different seasons. So, as you will have understood, it is worth paying attention to the cycles and the types of harvests you want to obtain, depending on the given period.

As a result, in summer, players have access to a wide variety of seeds, giving different vegetables and fruits. We indicate, in the following, the list of harvests available during the summer :

  • Pineapple (seeds sold on Ginger Island)
  • Corn
  • Carambola (seeds sold in Calico Desert)
  • Red cabbage
  • Coffee bean
  • Hop
  • summer tropical flower
  • But
  • Blueberry
  • Melon
  • Poppy
  • Hot pepper
  • Radish
  • Tomato
  • Sunflower

Obviously, some crops are more profitable than others. In order to see your farm prosper and earn more money, then it is worth focusing on the most interesting seeds, in terms of yield.

Summer, the most interesting crops in terms of yield

At the start of a game on Stardew Valley, it can be quite difficult to grasp which crops are the most interesting and profitable. Generally, it is after several hours of play that we manage to collect enough information to understand which ones are the most profitable, as quickly as possible.

But, without further ado, here is 5 summer harvests which should attract your full attention, if you want to win more money, according to our own gaming experience:

  • Carambola (Starfruit)
    • Maturation time: 13 days.
    • Seed Price: 400 gp.
    • Sale of a Carambola: 750 gp, minimum.
    • Profit per harvest: 350 gp.
      • It is possible to carry out 2 harvests, at most, per plant, during the summer.
  • Red Cabbage
    • Maturation time: 9 days.
    • Seed Price: 100 gp.
    • Sale of a Red Cabbage: 260 gp.
    • Profit per Harvest: 160 gp.
      • It is possible to carry out 3 harvests, at most, per plant, during the summer.
  • Melon (Melon)
    • Maturation time: 12 days.
    • Seed Price: 80 gp.
    • Sale of a Melon: 250 gp.
    • Profit per harvest: 170 gp.
      • It is possible to carry out 2 harvests, at most, per plant, during the summer.
  • Bilberry (Blueberry)
    • Maturation time: 13 days.
    • Price of the seed: 80 gp (giving 3 Blueberries, at the end of the harvest).
    • Sale of three Blueberries: 150 in.
    • Profit per Harvest: 70 gp.
      • However, regrowth in 4 days, following the first harvest. it is therefore possible to collect 12 Blueberries, in one season, per plant.
  • Hops (Hops)
    • Maturation time: 11 days.
    • Seed Price: 60 gp.
    • Sale of a Hop: 25 in.
      • However, regrowth in 1 day, following the first harvest. It is therefore possible to collect 17 Hops, in one season, per plant.

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