Stardew Valley: The biggest mod, Stardew Valley Expanded, releases a new version, before other additions

Although there are several mods for Stardew Valleyone of them turns out to be the biggest and most ambitious. This is Stardew Valley Expanded, created by FlashShifter. Moreover, its creator has just deployed a new version of the mod, but he does not intend to stop there.

Currently available for download, free of charge, Stardew Valley Expanded version 1.14.3 features significant additional content for the base game. Indeed, thanks to this mod, players will be able to meet 27 new NPCs, discover 50 locations and participate in more than 250 character-related events. They will also be able to complete new quests and attend different festivals. In addition, the aquatic bestiary is enhanced with 23 new fish entries. The map has been redesigned by FlashShifter, featuring two new farm models and several new regions. As for the soundtrack, Stardew Valley Expandend allows you to listen to brand new tracks. Other surprises await players.

However, if these additions are more than significant and numerous, FlashShifter announces that it does not want to stop there. Version 1.14 would be just a ” conclusion of three years of work » and he says: my initial vision of the mode is now complete ». He then adds, ” I will soon start working on SVE [Stardew Valley Expanded] 2.0, using all the skills I have acquired since the beginning of the project ». For version 2.0 of the mod, he hopes to be able to integrate more changes, inspired by The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, especially in terms of gameplay by adding dungeons, bosses, new abilities and new equipment.

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