Stardew Valley: Where and how to find the Missing Package?

After helping the Junimos renovate the Community Center, on Stardew Valley, players can discover one last package. Named “Disappearing Package”, this one is to be found in a particular place in Pelican Town. In addition, it is necessary to have carried out certain actions beforehand. Without delay, we show you where and how to find the latest Junimos package, on Stardew Valley.

Where to find the Missing Package in Stardew Valley?

If the road was long and perhaps, sometimes, complicated to help the Junimos to renovate the Community Center, by bringing back all the requested items, the players have one last mission. This is optional, but is still important. Indeed, by finding and completing the “Disappearing Package”you will unlock the cinema.

Thus, to find the last package of Junimos, it is necessary, beforehand, to have completely renovated the Community Center. Then you have to wait for a certain cutscene, appearing on your screen the day before a rainy day. During this sequence, you will see the Joja Market being struck by lightning. Note that at any time, you can check the weather forecast for the next day via the television available in your home.

After watching said cutscene, you can enter the Joja marketwhich went bankrupt. There you will find a Junimos, and therefore the “Disappearing Package”. Note, however, that the items requested, via this last package, are quite rare and finding them may give you a hard time, depending on your progress on Stardew Valley. Nevertheless, you found the “Disappearing Package” and all you have to do is collect all the required resources.

As a reminder, Stardew Valley is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and smartphones (iOS and Android). The developer of the title, Éric Barone, is currently working on a new video game project, bearing the name “ Haunted Chocolatier “.

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