Stardew Valley: Where to find the mayor’s shorts? – Stardew Valley

On Stardew Valley, the players have plenty to take care of. In addition to having to build their farm, improve it, make it prosper or even explore mines and befriend NPCs, Eric Barone’s adventure also includes quests to complete.

In this sense, Mayor Lewis will ask you, at the beginning of your adventure, to help him find a specific item. In this guide, we show you where and how to find Mayor Lewis’ shorts, on Stardew Valley.

Find the mayor’s shorts on Stardew Valley

Throughout the adventure Stardew Valley, players will have the opportunity to complete several and various quests. One of them is linked to Mayor Lewis: you need to find this NPC’s shorts. The latter no longer knows where he lost it.

Rest assured, there is no need to travel a hundred kilometers to find it, because the mayor’s shorts is at marnie’s ranch, and more precisely in the room of the latter. Indeed, over there, you will be able to see purple shorts, placed on the ground (image below). Unfortunately, at this point, you probably can’t enter the room.

In order to gain access to said room and recover mayor lewis shortsit is necessary to link a friendship with Marnie. To be more precise, we must reach the two hearts of friendship with the latter. To do this, you just need to talk to him fairly regularly. The best thing is to visit him every day. In addition, you can give him various gifts. Marnie particularly likes to receive Quartz, Diamonds or even a Pink Cake.

In any case, as soon as you have reached the two friendship hearts with Marine, you will have access to the room and you can recover the mayor’s shorts. From then on, you just have to go and give it back to him. You will then have completed said quest related to Mayor Lewis.

As a reminder, Stardew Valley is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and smartphones (iOS and Android).

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