Starfield will share its release date very soon, says Bethesda

In 2023, we should discover at least two games published by Bethesda to see the light of day, Redfall, developed by Arkane, and Starfield, also developed by the studio to which we owe The Elder Scrolls. However, neither of these two productions has a release date at the moment.but we already know that the first should reveal it to us very quickly, through an event organized jointly by Microsoft and Bethesda, linked since the acquisition of the second by the first.

At the same time, we had learned thatan event dedicated to Starfield would also be broadcast soon, and this one could be coming soon enough, as evidenced by recent communication from the Latin branch of Bethesda. On Instagram, the account that promotes the space RPG in Latin America, in response to a comment about the release date of Starfield, explained that we will ” very quickly » get it, through the event that will be organised.

It is possible that this one will be organized in February, or even in March, given that the launch of Starfield is still scheduled before the end of Juneunless it was the victim of an internal postponement, in which case we will not know until the official announcement.

Lately, we’ve learned that those lucky enough to get their hands on Starfield would have found it more ambitious than they expected. It must be said that the title will offer more than 1,000 planets to explore, which will have different environments. The solar system will even be part of it.

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