Starlink: a user exceeds 300 Mbits / s of speed, new record broken

Starlink stands out more and more from the competition thanks to its impressive speeds. This weekend, an American user thus reached 300 Mbit/s in download, which constitutes a new record. Nevertheless, this score was recorded in a rural area at a low traffic hour.

Credit: SpaceX

Last year, Starlink’s median throughput topped 100 Mbps for the first time. This score was then the promise of an even brighter future for the service of Internet by satellite, which does not cease improving since this period. Indeed, the testimonies concerning periods of high speeds are multiplying, and it is not DullKn1fe who will say the opposite. This weekend, he posted on Reddit his speed to say the least impressive, since it exceeded 300 Mbit / s.

With 301 Mbit / s more precisely, DullKn1fe has therefore established a new speed record. However, the user specifies the rather specific conditions which enabled him to reach this figure. In addition, the latter lives in a particularly rural area of ​​Wisconsin, in the United States. What’s more, he connected very early in the morning, at a time when speeds are often more generous, because fewer Internet users are connected to the service.

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Starlink continues to break throughput records

As a reminder, a study conducted in March showed that the highest speed obtained in the United States was 299 Mbit/s. However, the user in question also posted a throughput of 1.23 Mbit/s at its lowest, again emphasizing that the service is far from consistent in its performance. Another Achilles’ heel, the ascending start still needs to be improved.

Thus, the DullKn1fe connection displays 20.5 Mbit/s per second in upstream speed. Which is certainly far from catastrophic ether, but which would still deserve a slight increase. Same observation on the latency side, which reaches 78 ms despite the impressive download speed scores. By way of comparison, French users are posting an average of 120 Mbit/s in 2022, which is still better than the traditional Internet.

starlink speed 300 mbits/s
Credits: DullKn1fe via Reddit

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