Stars on the beach |

You can find me on the beach …

After all the hard work, our stars really deserve their vacation. And where better to unwind than by the sea? So they take their time out on the beaches of this world. How good that there are paparazzi who take vacation photos of the stars: So we can be there now and then when celebrities go on vacation.

Beach and sea: dream destinations of the stars

Crystal clear water, snow-white sand – when the stars go on vacation, it is mostly on the most beautiful beaches in the world. Lady Gaga, for example, likes to vacation in the Bahamas and sends sunny holiday greetings from the beach via Instagram. Justin Bieber likes to show off his tattooed body on the beach in Rio de Janeiro. And Uma Thurman is on family vacation in Barbados and has fun with her daughter in the turquoise blue ocean. If you are into action, you can go jet skiing and water skiing there – at least that’s what Rihanna and Cara Delevingne’s vacation photos reveal.

Stars on the beach in Europe

For some stars, however, it doesn’t have to be so exclusive. Anne Hathaway relaxes, snorkels and shows us her hot beach body on Formentera beach. And beach beauty Monica Cruz spends the best time of the year on the beach in Andalusia.

Vacation photos on the doorstep

If you don’t want to go on a long trip, spend a day at the seaside in Miami Beach or take a detour to Malibu Beach, where, as Liam Hemsworth proves in his vacation photos, you can surf very well. So, dear stars on the beach, open your photo albums for us: We want more holiday photos!


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