Starting soon – Little flight break: How to feed birds in winter

Winter is coming, food for birds and the like is slowly becoming scarce. We humans can help the birds get through the cold season. We have the following tips for you so that you too can have a happy chirping. (Admittedly, the first one is a bit extravagant).

Because on TikTok a man went viral who lured birds to his balcony with funny creations made of flowers and feathers. It is a park ranger, James Manzo, from Oakland, San Francisco, who feeds hummingbirds by hand. Online, James calls himself “hum.daddy” and now has 600,000 followers. @hum.daddy DELICIOUS 🤤 #humdaddy #hummingbirdking #HeinzHalloween #skimaskedit ♬ Delicious – T-Spoon But since not everyone can inspire as much trust in the birds as the Tiktok star, you’ll probably have to resort to tried and tested methods to to attract birds. And even then, no hummingbird will fly towards you. But a tit can’t be ruled out…DARLUX bird feeder house XL49.95€Click here for the birdhouse62.90€Click here for the birdhouse.Peckish bird feeder for windows, nature16.50€Click here for the bird feeder.Ida Plus – Bird litter without wheat for wild birds & birds, 4500 g21.95€Click here for bird feed.Paul’s MĂĽhle wild bird feed, 10 kg29.90€Click here for bird feed.AISITIN bird bath with 2.5W solar fountainMake sure that the water level in the drinking trough is about two to three centimeters high. A stone in the middle as a “landing strip” for the animals would also be recommended.€60.49Click here for the bird bath.Important: In contrast to summer, feeding the birds makes sense in winter. Those who start feeding should do it daily until the end of winter. The birds get used to it and otherwise they could starve to death in no time. Food leftovers or bread are generally unsuitable as food, as they contain spices and salt. In the worst case, birds can even die from it. When you start feeding, make sure there is no leftover food on the floor as this could attract rats. Installing the birdhouse is also important. If possible, out of the reach of cats. And another tip: Tits like sunflower seeds.Lyra Pet® 25 kg sunflower seeds black HK Germany bird food wild birds wild bird food birds winter food New harvest 202232.29€Here you go to the sunflower seeds. You can find more product recommendations in our comparison portal, current offers and discounts can be found in our voucher portal. This article was created in editorial independence. As an Amazon partner, however, we earn from qualified sales. The prices may vary on a daily basis.
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