startup acts in committee at the Assembly

A battle of seats and microphones, as a prelude to the battle by amendments: the deputies flocked to the committee on Monday for the examination of the highly contested pension reform project.

The elected members of the Nupes left alliance came in large numbers, so much so that some had to settle between LR and RN, for lack of left places. Many of us want to co-buildlaunched the rebellious Hadrien Clouet, causing laughter in the room of the Social Affairs Committee.

The atmosphere is somewhat dissipated and the speakers have difficulty being heard. If you want, I have a megaphone, suggested a Lu Nupes, the day before a second national day of mobilization of opponents.

The socialist Arthur Delaporte immediately asked for additional days of examination, while some 7,000 amendments were tabled – including 6000 by the left – and that the commission will complete its work on Wednesday evening. But 28 hours in total in committee is a considerable amount of time, retorted committee chair Fadila Khattabi (Renaissance).

Impossible to overcome the amendments

We really want to work but it will be extremely complicated to overcome the amendments, if not impossible, lamented Sylvain Maillard (Renaissance), one of the leaders of the presidential majority. Be that as it may, the reform project, which takes the form of an amending budget for the Scu, will be examined in the hemicycle from 6 Februaryfor two weeks.

Everyone knows what will happen, including in public session, blew Charles de Courson (Liot group). The government will be able to transmit the text to the Senate at the end of these two weeks even if the Assembly has not adopted it. It is a total diversion of procedure, lamented the elected centrist. In total, Parliament has 50 days to decide.

Retreat : save by paying less tax. 13 contracts compared

The counter turns each speech, limits two minutes. Only the sixty deputies who are members of the commission can vote, but all those present can express themselves. The LR deputies defended in vain a first amendment, to add a section on the value of work in our country to this bill judged to be rigged.

The ecologist Sandrine Rousseau opposed a legitimate right to free time, to the exclamations of the majority. As the tone rose, after the adoption of an amendment against the opinion of the Macronist majority, Ms. Khattabi intimated: We open the chakras and we are silent.

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