Statement in the Audi diesel scandal: Stadler refers to stress and lack of time

Statement in the Audi diesel scandal
Stadler cites stress and lack of time

The Munich public prosecutor's office accuses ex-Head of Auditing, Stadler, of not having stopped the sale of affected vehicles after the exhaust scandal broke out. In the process, Stadler is now drawing a picture of a stressed manager who would not have had the opportunity to do so.

Former Audi boss Rupert Stadler gave the Munich Regional Court a detailed insight into the daily work, the overcrowded calendar and the time pressure of a CEO. The prosecution accuses him of having at least considered it possible from September 2015 that diesel cars with improved emissions were also sold in Europe. Nevertheless, he let production and sales continue for a good year. According to the files, the district court has so far assumed that Stadler's fraud against car buyers was not due to active action, but rather to failure.

For an hour, Stadler presented to the chamber what he had on his mind as Audi CEO and VW board member. His secretariat received up to 200 e-mails a day, many of which he never saw. Appointments were constantly being postponed, shortened or canceled, in his office in Ingolstadt he was at best a few hours a week.

A year, he would have received a maximum of ten "blue reports" about problems personally. He has no recollection that at the damage table where problems were discussed, he himself was also concerned with the problem of exhaust gas cleaning. Stadler is indicted along with three former senior engine developers. As of 2008, these are said to have manipulated more than 400,000 diesel engines so that they pass emissions tests, but emit more nitrogen oxides on the road.

Stadler is said to have only found out about the matter after the US environmental agency discovered the scandal in September 2015, but did not stop the production and sale of manipulated cars in Europe until January 2018. His lawyer Ulrike Thole said the charge was "poorly contoured".

The lawyer of the accused engineer Pamio P. accused the court of continuing the process despite the corona pandemic, was irresponsible and dangerous. It should no longer take place like this. The presiding judge said the hall in the Stadelheim correctional facility met all requirements.