Steam Deck: Where’s the release of Valve’s Switch?

Completely crazy project from Valve, the Steam Deck is a kind of portable console allowing you to carry your entire Steam catalog wherever you go. An ambitious machine which we were initially told would be released for the end of 2021. Unfortunately, fate will have decided otherwise!

First shipments in February?

The shortage of high-tech components affects everyone these days, from home appliance manufacturers to those of game consoles. This is the reason why the production of PS4 has been reinforced while waiting for the PlayStation 5 to be able to afford more stock . And it is obviously for this, too, that the Steam Deck was postponed to February 2022. An unspecified date which left some doubt among the lucky ones who were able to pre-order the machine.

Nevertheless, good news, Valve has just specified the arrival of the first models for the month of February via an official press release. We can see ” some of the first units for in-house testing and evaluation“, as the text accompanying the image so aptly describes.

Those who were able to pre-order the beast do not have too much to worry about. Their Steam Deck shouldn’t take too long to reach them anymore. For others, those who would simply like to get their hands on a version of this Switch with overpowering capacities but have not been able to go through the preco box, it’s a whole different story. Indeed, Valve has yet to announce an official release date.. And no doubt that won’t happen for a while…

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