Steam Deck with a Nintendo Switch look: This is how you make the Valve handheld look like the Nintendo hybrids


You can make the Steam Deck look like the Nintendo Switch. With the product “SwitchDeck” you can turn your Valve handheld optically into a Nintendo hybrid.

This is what the Steam Deck looks like in the Switch guise. (Source: dbrand)

  • You can make your Steam Deck look like a Switch.
  • The company dbrand sells stickers in the Nintendo Switch design.
  • There’s even a sticker included that shows the blurred Switch logo.

The Steam Deck actually comes in a black design, while players tend to associate the colors red and blue with the Nintendo Switch.

However, a new product from dbrand called “SwitchDeck” blurs that line, allowing you to make your Steam Deck look like Nintendo’s hybrid handheld.

Switch Deck

This is what the Switch Deck looks like.

You can now design the side parts of the Valve handheld in the familiar Switch look. The stickers even get you a blurry version of the Switch logo for the back of the handheld.

The sticker set costs the equivalent of just under 45.89 euros (49.95 US dollars) and, as the provider itself suggests, represents a provocation regarding the much-anticipated Nintendo Switch Pro.

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