Steam replaces its statistics page of the most played and sold games with a real-time ranking

Robin Lamorlette

September 26, 2022 at 3:30 p.m.


Steam Charts © Valve

© Valve

In addition to a beta update for the Steam DeckValve has set up a page on Steam taking over the functions of Steam Charts.

No need therefore to go to a separate site, the statistics of the games on the Valve platform, from their number of players to the sales figures, are now found in the same place.

Steam Charts is moving

Consulting the statistics of the Steam catalog was previously relatively laborious. You had to either navigate to a given section of the store or go to the Steam Charts site.

With this redesign of the statistics page, Valve now offers a real-time ranking of important data to remember on its platform via various graphs. In addition to the number of players connected simultaneously, it is now much easier to know the ranking of the most popular or best-selling titles.

This new section welcomes us first with a general overview, presenting us in particular the best-selling or most played games of the moment. It is then possible to refine the search with a ranking of the best sales of the week, or even the best novelties of the month, to find the next game that could attract us.

Statistics impacting the platform

In addition to statistics on Steam’s vast catalog, this new section also includes the usual hardware and software survey conducted regularly by Valve. There are also Steam download statistics to get a better overview of global traffic, or even platform support statistics regarding requests for help and the delays caused.

Valve indicates in its post dedicated to this important Steam update (cited in source below) that the new method of calculating statistics will impact the platform as a whole. It will indeed be applied to the “Bestsellers” tab of the store’s homepage, as well as to the genre and tag pages.

Who says novelty necessarily says better? It remains to be seen whether the community will be receptive to this grouping of information, to the detriment of the famous Steam Charts site, which is losing a large part of its raison d’être.

Source : Steam

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