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Lately, the communication around Steelrising, the next title of Spiders, studio at the origin of Greedfall, intensifies. A while back, the developers and publisher shared a story-centric trailer for the title. The opportunity for players to learn more about the context of this new adventure.

Recently, we had the right to more information regarding the protagonist of Steelrising, named Aegis. Indeed, Jehanne Rousseau, CEO of the Spiders studio, wrote an article about it, on the PlayStation Blog. Thus, we learn that since the beginning of the project, the developers had the firm intention to propose a automaton as main character. If the automaton was to be called Ada (name of the first programmer in history), the studio then decided to name it Aegis, in reference to the shield brandished by Athena to protect Zeus.

As for the chara’ design of Aegis, it is inspired by “La Petite Géante”, an animation from Nantes, and “la Joueuse de tympanon”, an 18th century automaton. For gameplay reasons, they assigned graceful movements to the character, in order to bring verticality, speed and incorporating aerial movements into the gameplay. Note also that thePlayers will be able to customize Aegis and thus change his wig, certain features of his face and the materials used for his body.

If you want to know more about Steelrising, know that we have concocted a guide listing the most important information about it.

As a reminder, Steelrising must go out September 8, 2022. The title must land on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. No PS4 or Xbox One version seems planned.

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