SteelSeries Unveils Three New Ultralight Aerox Gaming Mice

SteelSeries expands its line of ultralight mice with three new references that cover a wide range of gaming styles and price points, from FPS to MOBA: the Aerox 5, Aerox 5 Wireless and Aerox 9.

If ultralight mice were the prerogative of pros in recent years, manufacturers are increasingly putting them at the forefront of the video game scene and making them more accessible to amateur gamers. Their lightness is not essential for everyone, but offers an interesting speed of movement for competitive players, in particular.

SteelSeries is therefore following the trend and has unveiled three new models with varying prices and features to satisfy different types of gamers. With the Aerox, the manufacturer takes up the design of the Rival 5 that we tested, this time offering a honeycomb shell to save it a few grams. This multitude of small holes can generate some concerns for the components, but the models are all IP54 certified, i.e. a certain resistance to dust infiltration and splashing.

Lighter, but wired

The Aerox 5 is a wired model of barely 66 g, which includes nine programmable buttons and adjustable RGB backlighting in three zones. As on the other two models, we find the TrueMove Air sensor of the Rival 5 and its excellent precision, as well as PTFE pads for a good glide of the mouse. This “classic” model is the most accessible of the three with a price tag set at €90.

A wireless model

English speakers will have understood that the Aerox 5 Wireless is simply the wireless version of the Aerox 5. Its characteristics are therefore very similar, but it is a little heavier (74 g) and offers up to to 180 hours of autonomy, according to the manufacturer. Wireless obliges, the price of the mouse flies away and goes to 150 €.

For MOBAs and MMOs

The Aerox 9 is slightly different, knowing that it is aimed more particularly at MOBA and MMO players who need a large number of shortcuts. The mouse carries for this purpose no less than 12 buttons on the edge, which brings its total weight to 89 g. Its price is also a little higher (160 €).

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