Steelseries wants to hit hard with the Arctis Nova 5, a wireless gaming headset with 60 hours of battery life

Steelseries wants to expand its headset range with the Arctis Nova 5, a mid-range “plus” gaming peripheral. Its two assets? Its great flexibility, since it is designed for PCs as well as consoles, but also its autonomy of up to 60 hours.

Nova 5

SteelSeries presented its new gaming headset, the Arctis Nova 5. Sold for 139 euros, it wants to offer a high-end experience for console, PC and mobile.

This is a wireless headset with a go-anywhere design, with a black plastic chassis that suits both an office and the subway. For comfort, the brand has opted for a soft, adjustable headband as well as fabric pads. Obviously, it is wireless and the presence of a dongle allows you to quickly connect it at 2.4 GHz to your PC or console. Moreover, it is possible to juggle between Bluetooth mode and 2.4 GHz with the push of a button, switching from your PS5 to your mobile in the blink of an eye. Smart and practical.

Steelseries wants to appeal to those looking for a versatile headset

The headset has neodymium magnetic transducers as well as as 360-degree spatialized audio. Regarding the retractable microphone, Steelseries promises elimination of parasitic noise thanks to “AI”, a somewhat catch-all term, we grant you that. Concretely, when you play online, your teammates will hear your voice, but not your mechanical keyboard even if it makes a hell of a racket.

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Wireless headphones require, autonomy is an important criterion before purchase. Steelseries seems to have understood this and promises up to 60 hours of play before running out of battery. Plus, the headset is compatible with fast charging and the manufacturer promises 6 hours of play after just 15 minutes of charging.

Nova 5Nova 5

Finally, Steelseries places a lot of emphasis on the Nova 5 companion application. Available on Android and iOS, it allows you to adjust your headset according to your wishes and select up to 60 profiles pre-established by engineers. Profiles dedicated to very eclectic games, since we have Fortnite, World of Warcraft or GTA V. On an FPS, for example, the sounds of footsteps will be highlighted while in a more “cinematic” game, these will be the voices. It is obviously possible to adjust all of this directly from the Steelseries software on Windows.

The Arctis Nova 5 is already available for sale at the price of 139 euros.

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