Stefan Mross: But no appearance at his new girlfriend’s hit night

Stephen Mross
But no appearance at the hit night of his new girlfriend

Stefan Mross was unloaded again.

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The “dear friend” became more. That’s why Eva Luginger uninvited her Stefan Mross from her hit night.

Stefan Mross (47) will not appear in the “Schlagernacht” of his new girlfriend Eva Luginger (35). That’s what those responsible for the event said known via Facebook. “As you may have heard from the media, [sic!] Eva Luginger and Stefan Mross a couple,” it says.

With this step, the makers want to protect the “privacy” of the two. In addition, “speculations” that the singer only got involved with her famous colleague for a “career jump” should not get any nourishment.

Stefan Mross fans who only bought a ticket because of his participation should get their tickets back. The “Eva Luginger Schlagernacht” will most likely take place on July 6, 2023 in Taufkirchen, Upper Bavaria.

Eva Luginger’s “dear friend” became more

In January of this year, Eva Luginger had Stefan Mross participate in her event via Instagram announced. In the post, the singer referred to Mross as a “dear friend”. But now the friendship has grown into more. Stefan Mross recently confirmed the relationship to the magazine “Neue Woche”. Eva Luginger got him “out of this low” into which he fell after separating from his wife Anna-Carina Woitschack (30).


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