Stefan Mross: Schlagerstar remains moderator of “Always Sundays”

Stephen Mross
Pop star remains moderator of “Always Sundays”

After a clarifying conversation with the SWR, Stefan Mross remains the moderator of “Always Again on Sundays”.

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Pop star Stefan Mross will continue to moderate “Always Again on Sundays”. The SWR has now officially confirmed this.

The popular pop singer Stefan Mross (47) remains the moderator of “Always Sundays”. SWR confirmed this in a statement to the news agency spot on news. “Together with Stefan Mross, we discussed the facts and the background honestly, openly and on the basis of mutual trust and thus clarified them,” it says. On this basis, the “many years of successful cooperation” will now be continued. From the first show of the current year on May 7th, Stefan Mross will continue to moderate “Always Again on Sundays”.

Stefan Mross is back on Facebook

According to the official website of the ARD program this year’s season will have twelve episodes and a best-of show to close the season. This will be broadcast without an audience on September 3rd. Moderator Mross accepted a penalty order imposed on him by the Leipzig public prosecutor’s office in November last year, and has a criminal record as a result. The allegation was assault and attempted coercion. The image of the popular hit star has been scratched ever since.

Mross himself has meanwhile reported back to Facebook after a long social media break. He wrote to his fans on Tuesday: “After all the turbulent weeks in the past, I consciously opted out of the media world. Please don’t forget that I thought of you every day…”. Now the 47-year-old is looking forward to returning to “Always Sundays”, which he himself also confirmed. “We’ll all start an incredible season together on May 7th, 2023!” said Mross.


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