Steffen Henssler: In this new TV show, he tests new food products

TV show for food start-ups
Who has the tastiest idea in Germany?

Celebrity chef Steffen Henssler is a member of the jury and is looking for the tastiest idea in Germany.

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They fight for space on the shelf: In the new VOX show “Germany’s most delicious idea”, ten food start-ups compete against each other in a TV duel. Your food and drink products will be carefully examined by the jury. The winning product gets one of the hotly contested shelf spaces in the REWE store.

Trying out new foods is not exactly one of the hobbies of Germans. According to a survey, more than 60% prefer familiar products to new ones when they shop – just habit. You can’t blame us either. After all, we don’t want to spend any money on things that we don’t like in the end. The variety of products has meanwhile grown so that one looks in vain for a perspective. This new TV format should now make our choice easier: In the new show “Germany’s most delicious idea”, new food products are tested and evaluated. On September 12th at 8:15 p.m. you can watch the jury feasting and tasting in front of the camera. You can find the winning product on the REWE shelf the next morning.

These celebrities taste the new foods

The ten food start-ups have to convince 60 testers from different age groups and walks of life. Among them are also prominent faces: star chef Steffen Henssler, the presenters Inka Bause and Jana Ina Zarella, comedian and restaurant owner Mirja Boes and REWE store operator Holger Stanislawski rate the innovations. Which product do you like best and would you also buy it in the supermarket? Two food start-ups compete against each other in five duels. In the final, the five winners will then be able to vote on the overall victory.

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Potato doner sausage and bread to the minute?

The competing products are definitely one thing: interesting! While one cannot really imagine anything under the “Potato doner sausage”, the keyword “Minute Bread” comes up with something more specific. There are five categories in total: breakfast, lunch break, snacks, dinner and party. Between spreads and energy bars, a whiskey aperitif and “Chocolate in a Bottle” are also found. Who will win the fight for the food throne, or rather the REWE shelf? Moderator Amiaz Habtu leads us through the evening, which starts on September 12th at 8:15 pm on VOX.

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