Steffen Schraut: “The future belongs to the brave”

Steffen Schraut
“The future belongs to the brave”


The German designer Steffen Schraut celebrates his 20th fashion anniversary. On this special occasion, the fashion lover reveals his fashion insider tips and what his future looks like in the GALA interview.

Steffen Schraut has been working passionately on his brand since 2002. After more than 20 years of fashion experience, he has experienced and learned a lot in the industry. In the GALA interview, the luxury designer explains what his new partnership with QVC enables him to do, what value sustainability has for him and much more.

Shopping on TV

A lot has changed for him since the native Swabian started working with the digital trading company QVC. Steffen Schraut says that some of his designs have already been sold before they even went on the air. He says about himself:

I grin because I’m so happy that the willingness to fashion is still there.

He describes the cooperation with QVC as an opportunity to be able to shop in a future-oriented manner. He particularly appreciates that he now has a greater reach on all relevant channels and notices in seconds how his creations are received.

The future of the luxury brand

Steffen Schraut and QVC’s plan for the future is to develop the designer fashion brand into a lifestyle brand. More product groups are to be added. From fashion to scented candles to furniture and bed linen. The secret to success: the partners share the same handwriting. Authenticity and transparency are the most important working conditions for Steffen and his brand.

Fashion dictatorship: the designer is so critical of today’s trends

Steffen Schraut has a clear opinion when it comes to trends. He wants to strengthen the woman’s well-being and not encourage her to feel attached to it.

It’s more important to me that women don’t submit to the fashion dictatorship and don’t just follow every trend.

Sustainability: After 20 years, he still has the same opinion

The designer explains that the approach of the fashion brand has always been sustainable. In his private life, he lives in an environmentally conscious manner and wanted to transfer this to his brand. He pays a lot of attention to the quality of the clothes. To this end, he develops timeless designs that can be worn for generations. In this way, he prevents having to buy a new piece after a few months. In doing so, he clearly distances himself from the terms “new” and “old”. How long ago an item was purchased is completely irrelevant to Steffen.

We sometimes apologize and say the piece is old, but actually we don’t need it. The “old” is not important. It’s just beautiful.

Steffen Schraut’s secret wardrobe tip

As a fashion connoisseur, Steffen Schraut has a few fashion secrets: he swears by four different basic pieces and is certain that they are lifesavers. His first must-have item is a pair of well-fitting jeans. To this he would combine a simple blouse. To upgrade the outfit, he recommends a cashmere cardigan. The ease of combining and high quality make these pieces irreplaceable. Finally, the designer relies on a good pair of sneakers. According to Schraut, you should invest when it comes to quality.

Steffen Schraut

Steffen Schraut

If we learned one thing from the interview, it’s that we can choose how we dress. Trends are ideas, but in the end you have to decide for yourself how you feel most comfortable. Steffen Schraut sees it the same way:

The future belongs to the brave.


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