Stellantis partners with Aramco in low-carbon synthetic fuels eFuels

(AOF) – Stellantis and Aramco announce that 24 families of European vehicle engines produced by the company since 2014 (Euro 6) are compatible with the expected eFuel formulas. As part of their search for energy solutions with a lower carbon footprint, the two companies have jointly tested alternative eFuels, in accordance with existing standards. Aramco is currently investigating the development of low carbon synthetic fuels as a ‘turnkey’ solution to potentially reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Stellantis supports the use of low-carbon eFuels and estimates that it could reduce CO2 emissions in Europe by up to 400 million tonnes from 2025 to 2050, if used on all 28 million Stellantis vehicles. .
This partnership is announced at the end of several months of tests in the technical centers of Stellantis, after the manufacturer came to the conclusion that 24 of the families of engines which equip its European vehicles sold since 2014, i.e. 28 million vehicles in circulation, are able to use a synthetic fuel “drop-in” (turnkey) without any modification of the powertrain.

Low-carbon eFuel is a synthetic fuel produced by reaction between CO2, taken directly from the atmosphere or from an industrial site, and renewable hydrogen. Using low-carbon synthetic fuel could potentially reduce carbon dioxide emissions from existing internal combustion vehicles by at least 70% over their entire life cycle, compared to traditional fuels.

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