Step goal 10,000: How much do you really have to walk to lose weight?

Do you really have to take 10,000 steps to lose weight?

If you want to stay fit, you should exercise – but how far do you have to go every day?


10,000 steps a day – you’ve probably heard this number before. But where does it actually come from and is it still up-to-date?

Going for a walk is the trend. No wonder, because a leisurely stroll through the forest or the city is a lot of fun, especially when the sun is shining, puts you in a good mood and keeps you fit at the same time. However, many of us also keep looking at the pedometer in our cell phone or smartwatch.

The goal: to crack 10,000 steps every day

The curious thing is that this number spread through an advertisement for pedometers – and it did so over 50 years ago. Researchers now have other theories about how many steps you should take every day to keep your body fit.

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