Stéphane Bern: discover his first (very) unusual job at the Palace of Versailles: Current Woman The MAG

Stéphane Bern is an inexhaustible source of anecdotes and comments on the past and heritage of France. Apart from Paul El Kharrat – the former champion of 12 noon shots, who also dreams of doing a duet with him – few people know history quite as well as the host. A great expert on royal families, he is also the “Monsieur Patrimoine” specially appointed by Emmanuel Macron. And Stéphane Bern never fails to use his notoriety for a good cause. Recently, he was very angry with an Alsatian mayor whom he accuses of "vandalism" on a building steeped in French history. The presenter of Secret of history Also devoted to setting the record straight on the couple formed by Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, overwhelmed by the hit series The Crown. And if Stéphane Bern is also invested in his role as defender of heritage and history, it is above all because it has always been his passion.

Stéphane Bern, from pee man to television host!

In an interview with Star TV, Monday, December 14, 2020, the host revealed a funny and surprising anecdote from his youth. Like many teenagers, Stéphane Bern began his career with student jobs. True to himself, it was in a place steeped in history that the 17-year-old made his debut: the Palace of Versailles. And that’s a rather unusual job… since he played the role of “pee lady” (or rather “pee man”) in the largest castle in the world! Officially, I was a welcome host, explains Stéphane Bern to our colleagues, before specifying: But the only thing I was asked was the way to the toilet!A job that may seem trivial in a lifetime, but which will nevertheless have forged the fate of the famous host (who also suffers from an astonishing OCD: syllogomania).

Four decades later, Stéphane Bern returns to the residence of the kings and queens of France for a completely different reason. December 31, 2020, the star will host the program Versailles on its 31. For New Years Eve, France 2 has planned "a great show with an equestrian show, Moulin-Rouge and Paradis Latin acts, fireworks ”. An idea that delighted Stéphane Bern at the highest point, especially in this period complicated by the health crisis. “As Versailles is not only the palace of the kings but a monument that belongs to the nation, we are going to pay tribute to all these everyday heroes who have allowed us to live and even survive in recent months: traders, caregivers etc. ”, he explains in the columns of Star TV. The show also plans to host "big names on the French scene ” as well as to honor the memory of the late Sean Connery, Juliette Gréco, or even Annie Cordy.

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