Stéphane Diagana: who is his wife Odile Lesage?

We tend to say that behind a champion there is always a woman: in the case of Stéphane Diagana, Odile Lesage, his companion and mother of his three children stands more by his side.

If we know Stéphane Diagana, first French world champion in athletics, not only for his sporting prowess but also for his commitments to the world of sport, we know less Odile Lesage, yet an ex-athlete too.

Odile Lesage, holder of several athletics records in the colors of France

It is especially in heptathlon and pentathlon that Odile Lesage-Diagana, for whom she won the world record in 1991. French athletics champion in 1989, 1990 and 1991, especially in high jump and heptathlon, the athlete participated at the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, where she was a semi-finalist in the discipline, breaking his own record. In 1993, Odile Lesage also distinguished herself at the Mediterranean Games in Narbonne, by taking 3rd place, still in the heptathlon. A sacred track record from which she derives no glory in public, especially after retiring from sporting life and becoming Director of Communication at the French Athletics Federationa position she still held in 2002, at the birth of the couple’s eldest childTidiane.

After the records, the two athletes managed their professional retraining with a masterful hand, Stephane Diagana leaving neither the screens nor the media scene. Odile Lesage graduated from the Paris Business School in 1993before occupying marketing-communication positions in large companies before joining the FFA. In 2011, she became the director of SAS Diagana Sport Santé, created with her husband the same year, with a project to set up a “sport-health” campus in Mougins in the Alpes-Maritimes. Once a sport, always a sport!


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Stéphane Diagana and Odile Lesage are parents of three children
The two athletes are at the head of a small tribe


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The couple have only made rare public appearances
Discreet like the other, they are not in the spotlight


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Stéphane Diagana is the first French world champion in athletics
Odile Lesage also has quite a track record: she notably won the pentathlon world record in 1991

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Stéphane Diagana still has a place of choice in the world of sport
He is part of the French delegation of the Olympic Games

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Stéphane Diagana continues to invest in charitable actions
He is always present when we call on him for demonstrations


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Stephane Diagana is also a good bike climber
He does not hesitate to straddle the little queen


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Stephane Diagana happy on his bike
He never backs down from effort


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Stephane Diagana shares his taste for sport with his wife
He’s a record holder in every way

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Stéphane Diagana is very involved in the health of athletes
He contributes to the world of sport

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Stéphane Diagana and Marie-José Perec, legends of French sport
The champion is part of a generation of athletes who have marked the history of French sport


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Stéphane Diagana always has an eye on sport
Stéphane Diagana always stays up to date with sports news

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