Stéphane Plaza: this crazy thing he did out of love for a woman!


I'm talking about a time that the under 15s can't know could have sung Stephane Plaza ! Wednesday 20 January 2021, M6 broadcasts the 100th show of Search apartment or house, a program which accompanies the viewers of the former small chain which goes up with always so much success for all these years. Fifteen years of research and especially of blunders carried out by the most famous of French real estate agents who seduce more than 2 million faithful in each episode.

For this special program, Karine Le Marchand's great friend set out to find an apartment with two separate entrances for actress Fabienne Carat and her sister. The two young women have decided to live together. For the occasion, Stéphane Plaza took part in the game of the interview Dare / not dare to Current wife with his good humor and his usual joie de vivre.

A romantic gesture from Stéphane Plaza that will have served no purpose

Always so teasing, the host gave himself in all sincerity on the daring gift that offered him Clara Morgane or on his final decision never to get naked again on his show. Stephane Plaza also looks back on that day when he did everything to seduce a young woman. Whoever did not want to celebrate his 50 years has put the dishes in the big ones by covering his entire apartment – 46 m2 anyway – with rose petals! A romantic business in which her mother, who died four years ago, played a big role as she was a florist and provided her with the necessary equipment. Unfortunately for the real estate agent, success has not been achieved. His bride fell in love … with a friend of his. "I never caught it. She went out with my boyfriend. I did it for love and she preferred the othere "he concedes with humor. We can bet that since then, Stéphane Plaza had to take his revenge even if he always remains very discreet about his loves.

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