Stéphane Plaza: this new VERY physical challenge that he is launching

In the story of his Instagram account, Monday August 8, 2022, Stéphane Plaza announced that he was about to take up a very impressive new sporting challenge. After running the New York Marathon, he will still sweat.

Stépahne Plaza loves a challenge and is about to take on a new one. Monday August 8, 2022, he shared a photo of sneakers in his Instagram story. The TV host explained that he wanted to feel healthier. This is why, after having taken the decision to draw a line under alcohol, it will recover seriously with the sport. “After fitness, I go back to training. Ironman, I’m getting ready“, he wrote in the caption of the photo. It is a particularly difficult race since it combines several sports: swimming, cycling and running. The Ironman is also the name given to the longest triathlon in history.An impressive challenge awaiting the famous animator, but he will show courage and tenacity to get to the end.

After having enjoyed a lot lately and multiplied the shootings, Stephane Plaza feels the need to take time for him and reconnect with the sport. On Sunday July 24, 2022, his best friend, Karine Le Marchand, had also revealed that he had let himself go and that he had drunk a lot.

Stéphane Plaza needs to find himself and take care of himself

He went to bed late, drank a lot and pulled on the rope. And all of a sudden, he disappears, he does the job. He’s the only man capable of leaving for weeks leaving his cell phone in Paris.“, she said in the columns of the Parisian. As when he took up the challenge of the New York marathon, the host will put the odds on his side to achieve his goal and surprise all those who do not believe in him.


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Stephane Plaza
Stephane Plaza at Roland Garros.

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Stephane Plaza
Stéphane Plaza will take up a new challenge.

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Stephane Plaza
Stéphane Plaza is getting back into sport.


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Stephane Plaza
Stéphane Plaza wants to make an Iron man.


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Stephane Plaza
Stéphane Plaza has already run the New York Marathon.


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Stephane Plaza
Stéphane Plaza is 52 years old.


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Stephane Plaza
Stéphane Plaza loves challenges.

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Stephane Plaza
Stéphane Plaza needs to reconnect with sport.


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Stephane Plaza
Stéphane Plaza during the Cesar.

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Stephane Plaza
Stéphane Plaza hosts many shows.

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Stephane Plaza
Stéphane Plaza has a lot of humor.

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