Stephanie Stumph: The actress became a mother for the first time

Stephanie Stump
The actress became a mother for the first time

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Stephanie Stumph kept her pregnancy secret until the ninth month, now her little darling is finally born. The actress announced the birth of her son with a sweet Instagram post.

It was one of the cutest TV rumors this year: Stephanie Stumph, 37, is pregnant. The actress and presenter was photographed with a baby bump in early 2022. In April, the Dresden native then announced the wonderful news to “Bunte” herself, had herself photographed for a baby belly shoot and also revealed who the father of her child is.

Stephanie Stumph has found the love of her life

Stephanie found her great love in the Munich surgeon Florian. “I broke my ring finger on the final day of filming for ‘The Old Man’ and had to go to the hospital, and I met a man that I knew in the ER that it was him!” the actress said.

Before the birth, the native of Dresden commuted between her hometown and Munich, where her partner works as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at the university hospital. Stephanie Stumph had denied marriage before the birth: “I don’t need it in writing that we are a family. Anyone who knows me knows that I am suspicious of contracts. However, I also like to celebrate and love buffets – so let’s see.”

First photo of her baby

Now the couple’s first baby together is born, as the actress proudly announces on Instagram. “You’ve been looking at the world for a few days now, little man, and we’re so in love with you,” the actress wrote alongside a photo showing her son’s little feet.

Another Instagram post shows how the proud father carries his little son home in a Maxi-Cosi.

Here’s how Stephanie Stumph reacted to inappropriate baby questions

Stephanie Stumph couldn’t avoid the question of children for a long time. The actress was annoyed by the constant questions: “I’ve been asked since I was in my mid-20s when I’m going to have a baby. It’s often older men who don’t understand that I don’t have any children and work a lot. Your wife she had her first child when she was 20, they say. Yes, I’m 15 years behind. Sorry. They convey that one is selfish and difficult to place,” she once revealed to “Bunte”.

The actress has long wanted to boost her career

For a long time, Stephanie Stumph preferred to focus on her career, for which she is incredibly grateful. She also got advice from her famous dad, Wolfgang Stumph, 76. “Of course we exchange ideas. And we don’t hide our opinions,” says the television actress. The 37-year-old has become an indispensable part of the television industry. From 1995 to 2014, Stephanie Stumph appeared in 50 episodes of the ZDF crime series “Stubbe – Von Fall zu FallI”. From 2009 to 2012 she flickered across the screens in the series “Die Bergretter” on ZDF. In 2010, the TV face took part in “Coast Guard”. From 2006 to 2012, the Saxon could be seen in other thrillers, in 2013 she had the leading role in the TV two-part series “The Girl with the Indian Emerald” as “Annie Krüger” alongside Suzanne von Borsody. Stephanie Stumph has been seen as Annabell Lorenz in “Der Alte” since 2015.

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