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In the Christmas show “Sternstunden-Gala” of the broadcaster BR, the annual “Sternstunden” donation day of the Bayerischer Rundfunk comes to its celebratory conclusion. We have the broadcast dates and stream info.

The annual BR Christmas show “Sternstunden Gala” represents the celebratory conclusion of the “Sternstunden” fundraising day of Bayerischer Rundfunk with numerous prominent guests. The show focuses on charity campaigns that help children in emergency situations.

We then recorded the broadcast dates. You can also find the episodes online via the ARD media library.

Sternstunden Gala 2022

In a nutshell, the most important information about the channel, broadcast time, broadcast dates and availability of streams for Sternstunden Gala 2022.

  • Sternstunden Gala 2022 runs on BR
  • Sternstunden Gala 2022 can be received as a stream
  • There are no new episodes in December and January
  • There are also no replays shown
  • No episodes available in library

Broadcast dates and broadcast times of “Sternstunden Gala 2022”

currently become no new episodes of Sternstunden Gala 2022 aired. However, you can watch reruns on TV. In principle, these run on BR, but we also show you the broadcast dates of other stations here.


Sternstunden Gala 2022

at the 16.12.2022 around 20:15 watch

Sternstunden – sustainable commitment to children in need

On Friday, December 16, 2022, the entire Bayerischer Rundfunk and the “Sternstunden” charity campaign will again be there for children in need. Fundraisers will be collected by phone and online from 6:00 am, and the program will report throughout the day.

With the “Sternstunden” charity campaign, Bayerischer Rundfunk has been collecting donations for children in need since 1993. During this period, 3,697 children’s aid projects in Bavaria, Germany and worldwide were funded with around 342 million euros.

The “Sternstunden Gala” forms the brilliant conclusion to a day dedicated to aid, which is also reported on radio, television and online. Well-known national and international stars will also appear in the gala. Many of them have been active as sponsors for “Sternstunden” for a long time.

Among others, the following have confirmed: the German rock’n’roll legend Peter Kraus, who at the age of 83 still makes the fans cheer, the cabaret artist Martina Schwarzmann, the singer and actress Yvonne Catterfeld, the band Dreiviertelblut around singer Sebastian Horn, the newcomer from the singer-songwriter scene Sophia with a ballad about being different, the a capella quartet Viva Voce, the new star in the pop sky Alexander Eder and the Fürth Children’s Choir, which is as polyphonic as it is versatile. With an acrobatic performance by the circus Giovanni from Bamberg, children with and without disabilities become stage stars. In addition, the popular choir of top Bavarian politicians will, as usual, sing a Christmas carol for children in need. As always, the Franconian comedian duo Heissmann & Rassau provided a lot of fun.

In order to show how diverse the children’s aid projects are that “Sternstunden” supports, various initiatives are presented. The association Lebensmut e. V., for example, takes intensive care of children whose parents have cancer. The therapists of the association show the children a way to deal with this stressful situation. In Augsburg, the Dachsbau house for the Catholic youth welfare of the Diözese Augsburg e. V. Here, seriously ill or disabled children are to be cared for in intensive care in short-term care, so that the families who are otherwise caring for them can take a break from the strenuous care and find new strength. And of course “Sternstunden” is focusing its attention on Ukraine this year. The charity campaign supports various projects to help Ukrainian children suffering from war and flight. This is done, for example, through targeted support when they attend school in Germany, but also through donations for the deployment of medical professionals and relief supplies in the country itself.

2022-12-16T20:15 2022-12-16T23:15 BR

Despite all care, it can happen that we have overlooked a broadcast date or that an error has crept in.

Sternstunden Gala 2022 Preview / Spoilers

What’s next at Sternstunden Gala 2022? You can read about it here in our preview. But be warned: spoiler alert. If we know the information about the next episodes of Sternstunden Gala 2022, you can see them at the top of the broadcast dates list. Providers such as RTL+ and Joyn offer episodes for some series and shows in their own live TV apps a few days before the TV broadcast. In that case, you can see them exclusively online beforehand.

This is how you see Sternstunden Gala 2022 in the live stream

The easiest way to receive it is via TV streaming services. So you not only get “Sternstunden Gala 2022”, but the complete live stream from BR with all programs – and legally.


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