Steve Bing: Ex-partner of Elizabeth Hurley dies at 55

Filmmaker Steve Bing is dead. The authorities assume suicide. He was the ex-boyfriend of Elizabeth Hurley and father of her son.

The billionaire and filmmaker Steve Bing is dead. As the US magazine "Deadline" initially reported, the 55-year-old was found lifeless on the street, below his luxury apartment in Century City, California. The police are currently investigating the exact cause of death. An official spokesman has meanwhile confirmed to the "People" magazine that suicide is expected.

Steve Bing was anything but a stranger to the Hollywood scene. For example, he was responsible for the comedy "Kangaroo Jack" from 2003 as a screenwriter. As a producer, he was involved in films such as "The Polar Express" or "Beowulf". He also produced the Rolling Stones concert film "Shine A Light" by director Martin Scorsese (77).

Bing was the father of Damian Charles Hurley

Bing, who came from a rich New York family, was one of the wealthiest Americans and also supported numerous politicians with his fortune. He was also the father of the son Damian Charles (18) from Elizabeth Hurley (55). The actress announced in 2001 that Bing was the father of her daughter, who initially did not accept paternity. A DNA test then brought security.

Bing was also the father of Kira Bonder, the daughter of former world-class tennis player Lisa Bonder (54). It wasn't until July 2019 that a U.S. judge ruled that both Damian and Kira had a substantial fortune from their grandfather's estate, Dr. Peter Bing.

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