Steven Spielberg: He's doing Stephen King's The Talisman as a series

Steven Spielberg
He is realizing Stephen King's "The Talisman" as a series

The director and the novelist: Steven Spielberg (left) and Stephen King.

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Steven Spielberg takes on a classic novel by Stephen King. He is producing a series for the fantasy book "The Talisman" for Netflix.

Steven Spielberg (74, "Saving Private Ryan") and Stephen King (73, "The Fog") – if that doesn't sound like a promising duo. Spielberg has secured the rights to the novel "The Talisman" through its production company Amblin Partners and is planning an adaptation, as announced on the company's official website. Accordingly, the implementation will be a TV series that will have its home with the streaming provider Netflix.

"Stranger Things" author Curtis Gwinn is also involved

Writer King wrote the fantasy novel together with Peter Straub (78) in 1984. He tells the story of the twelve-year-old half-orphan Jack Sawyer, whose mother is terminally ill with cancer. But Jack learns of the existence of a dimension beyond ours, in which magic and sorcery are part of everyday life. Hoping to find a cure for his terminally ill mother there, he is finally sent on an adventurous journey in search of a powerful artifact, the talisman.

"The Talisman" is one of King's rare excursions into the child-friendly fantasy genre – his name usually stands for sometimes taboo-breaking horror. Showrunner and screenwriter of the series adaptation will be Curtis Gwinn (45), who has also worked as a writer for the series "Stranger Things" and "The Walking Dead". The project, which was produced by Spielberg, among others, does not yet have a start date.