Stiftung Warentest on fruit ice cream: unfortunately rarely with real fruit

When the temperatures rise, we like to reach for fruit popsicles. The selection in supermarkets is large – from classics such as Calippo or Capri to organic fruit ice cream, everything is represented.

But if you are expecting real raspberries, strawberries & Co. here, you will be severely disappointed with many of the products. Because there are rarely real fruits in fruit and water ice, according to the test by Stiftung Warentest. In the current “Test” edition (5/2022), 15 ready-made ice cream flavors based on fruit and water and another ten for self-freezing were put to the test. The refreshing foods were examined for fruit flavors and sugar content.

The result is mixed: Classic ice cream actually uses more fruit or at least natural flavors. Nine of the 15 products taste entirely or at least partly of fruit. Self-frozen, on the other hand, almost always only tastes artificial, but contains less sugar. The test shows that this is not a matter of course: every third ready-made ice cream product turns out to be a sugar bomb – one product even comes to the equivalent of 18 sugar cubes.

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