still free content available, hurry!

Diablo 4 players can still grab some free hack ‘n’ slash content, but we advise you to act quickly, as the offer won’t last.

Like all games in the license, Diablo 4 will continue to welcome new content for a long time. Before that, Blizzard had its work cut out for it, as the launch of Season 1 was disastrous due to numerous changes that were poorly received by players. With a few updates, the studio still managed to raise the bar a little. Despite these efforts and a 1.1.4 patch containing many fixes, the community is not yet completely satisfied. Maybe this nice gift to collect for free for subscribers will put a smile on the players’ faces.

A nice free gift for certain Diablo 4 players

No, Amazon Prime Gaming doesn’t just offer free games to Prime subscribers. The online store regularly offers content for the big games of the moment. This time, it’s Diablo 4 players who are in for a treat. Until October 12, you can grab a free pack containing the Vermilion Grim Grimoire and Vermilion Flashlance, variant cosmetic items for the Wizard, Necromancer, and Thief classes. Of course, you must be an Amazon Prime subscriber to take advantage of this great gift.

The Vermilion Dark Tome can only be equipped for Wizard and Necromancer classes and the Vermilion Lightning Thrower can only be equipped for Rogue classes », Specifies Blizzard. Obviously, you will then be able to enjoy this content regardless of the platform on which you play Diablo 4. A nice pack to collect before the launch of season 2 of hack ‘n’ slash. Go here to collect your gift.

Remember that the Season of Blood will include new quests and five additional endgame bosses. It will be released on October 17, 2023 on all media, at the heart of a very busy month of big releases. Let’s hope that its launch takes place in better conditions than that of Season 1. Recently, game director Rod Fergusson admitted that Diablo 3 had not lived up to expectations, but that the studio intended to do better with Diablo 4 This success will necessarily require an excellent Season 2 and a positive reception from the public.

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