Stock for 2 weeks: 5 tips for smart shopping instead of blind hamsters – video

The corona virus is still spreading in Germany and it is not clear when the turning point in this crisis is likely to be reached. It is all the more important to try now to shop as planned as possible

Why it is better now to only go to the supermarket every two weeks

Any unnecessary walk outside, in the vicinity of other people should now be avoided – all experts agree. And unfortunately in the supermarket it is not always possible to keep the necessary safety distance from the other buyers: the aisles are narrow and the shops are often full. It is therefore a sensible measure to try to go shopping as little as possible and thus further reduce the risk of infection. If you only shop every one or two weeks, you have a clear advantage on this point.

So you create a two-week purchase plan

In order to go to your stock as planned as possible, you should write down what you want to eat in the next 14 days. The easiest way is to split it up again into breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. You don't have to excel in being incredibly creative and testing a new recipe every day. If you would like that: Go ahead! But if you always eat the same cereal for breakfast, you can be happy – because this meal is very easy to plan for you.

Finished plans and lists from the net

If this is difficult for you, there are also online tools that can help you. Of the

asks, for example, how many adults and children live in the household and how many days should be spent shopping. Then he creates a long shopping list for you – and a menu for every day, including recipes. This is very practical – and of course you can adapt it flexibly if you don't like the suggestions.

Off to the supermarket

Equipped with the long shopping list, you can now see exactly what you really need and what you don't need in the supermarket. In the video you can see the five most important tips that you should consider when shopping.