Stock market report of the week: “In the wheel of the Peugeots”

Photo credit © Reuters

( — To be found this week in our “Opportunities” newsletter, a special file on the stock market : “In the wheel of the Peugeot“: Through the FFP structure, recently renamed Peugeot Invest, the Peugeot family has indeed undertaken to diversify its heritage. In order to reduce their dependence on the automobile, the heirs of the automotive group have broadened their investment spectrum towards minority stakes in companies with significant growth potential…

The Peugeots also hold shares in private equity funds and real estate projects. Finally, they are committed alongside local partners to invest in areas that are difficult to access directly. Enough to give some ideas to investors!

To read also in our publication of the week, “La Cote à la Loupe” which returns to a small discounted file to rediscover without delay!


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