Stock rises against the trend: Rheinmetall applies for the export of tanks

Stock rises against the trend
Rheinmetall applies for export of tanks

Ukraine is demanding heavy weapons from the federal government – including battle tanks and armored personnel carriers. However, the Federal Security Council must first approve their export. Rheinmetall has allegedly now submitted a corresponding application.

According to an insider, the armaments company Rheinmetall has applied to the federal government to export 100 Marder infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine. The company is initially seeking an export license for the vehicles in their current condition, with the goal of making them operational in the coming months, the insider said. Rheinmetall did not want to comment on the process.

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The Federal Security Council, which is chaired by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, must approve the export of the tanks. The possible sale of 100 Marder armored personnel carriers to Ukraine attracted investors. Against the trend, the shares of the armaments group rose by one percent before the market.

Scholz announced last week that the federal government would deliver armaments from German industry to Ukraine. He spoke of a list of what the German armaments companies could deliver in the near future. As before, these include anti-tank weapons, anti-aircraft equipment, ammunition “and also anything that can be used in an artillery battle”.

Specifically, the list includes 5150 anti-tank weapons capable of firing up to 500 meters. Also on offer are 18 small reconnaissance drones, 3000 night vision goggles, more than 3000 handguns, 30 anti-drone rifles and armored vehicles. Most of the offers fall into the categories of reconnaissance technology (approx. 162 million euros), personal protective equipment (approx. 79 million euros) and handguns (approx. 41 million euros).

Ukraine is demanding heavy weapons from the federal government, such as air defense systems, battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, as well as heavy artillery, in order to be able to withstand the expected Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine.

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