Stolen number plates – 20-year-old driver fled police control

A 20-year-old car driver who was driving with stolen license plates tried to flee from the police in Bad Gleichenberg on Friday afternoon. In his rapid escape, he endangered several passers-by. The police are looking for witnesses.

Around 4 p.m., a police patrol in the area of ​​the Schulstrasse and Milan Bergstrasse roundabouts in Bad Gleichenberg noticed a blue-painted car (VW Passat). The young car driver left the roundabout there very quickly and turned around 50 meters later into Albrechtstrasse and accelerated his car with a Liezen license plate. For the police officers, it gave the impression that the man wanted to evade a check, whereupon they followed the car. Pedestrians with prams are also endangered. However, despite the blue light being switched on and the patrol car’s follow-up horn activated, the driver of the car made no signs of stopping. He also endangered some road users with his aggressive driving style in the local area of ​​Bad Gleichenberg. Among them were even pedestrians with prams. In order to prevent further moments of danger, police officers stopped the pursuit for the time being. However, they were able to investigate the man shortly thereafter on the basis of clues. License plate stolen, car not permitted. The driver of the car was a 20-year-old from the Liezen district. He had attached stolen license plates to his illegally licensed vehicle. In addition, he did not have a valid driver’s license. The 20-year-old had already been reported several times in advance by different police departments for similar crimes. He is again reported.Witnesses wantedThe Bad Gleichenberg police station is now looking for witnesses who saw the said drive of the blue car through the local area of ​​Bad Gleichenberg around 4 p.m. yesterday. People affected by the rapid driving style are also asked to contact the police on 059133/6121.
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