stolen photos reveal the smartphone with no less than 16 GB of RAM

Google’s upcoming Pixel flagship smartphone has leaked in a series of real-world images, which give us our best look yet at the Pixel 9 Pro’s revamped design ahead of its expected launch later this year.

The stolen photos, shared by Russian site Rozetked, appear to show a silver/gray Pixel 9 Pro device from multiple angles. The images corroborate previous renders by highlighting the device’s most striking new design element: a pill-shaped photo module protruding from the back.

This rounded, protruding camera module represents a clear departure from the horizontal visor that has defined Pixel flagships since the Pixel 6 series. The new look transforms the large bar on the back into a thicker island, pill-shaped, which houses three cameras as well as an LED flash and another sensorr, probably the same temperature sensor as on the Pixel 8 Pro.

The Pixel 9 Pro is smaller than the iPhone 15 Pro Max

On the front, the leaked Pixel 9 Pro features slightly curved corners and a punch-hole for the selfie camera. The edges have a polished finish, which is prone to collecting fingerprints. While the overall chassis seems more boxy than the Pixel 8 Pro, the photos indicate that Google has slightly increased the radius of curvature of the corners compared to last year. This gives the Pixel 9 Pro an overall shape closer to Apple’s latest iPhone models. Moreover, the device is directly compared to an Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, and we can clearly see that this time it adopts a smaller format of 6.1 inches.

Another notable design change is the repositioning of the SIM tray, which has moved from the left side to the bottom edge of the phone, next to the USB-C charging port. Beyond the external redesign, one of the photos gives an overview of the technical characteristics of the Pixel 9 Pro. The splash screen identifies the device by its reported “caiman” code name and confirms 16 GB of LPDDR5 RAM. This would be a sizable 4GB upgrade over the Pixel 8 Pro’s 12GB of RAM. The leaked unit also shows 128GB of flash storage from Samsung, which is kind of a shamesince there is no change on that side.

Google in front launch the Pixel 9 series sometime in October, this seemingly real leak gives us our first clear look at the company’s planned design overhaul. It remains to be seen whether or not it will succeed in attracting users.

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