“Stop coming to my hospital room”

The candidate of the show Les Marseillais asks her fans to stop coming to see her in her hospital room.

Some people are definitely lacking in common sense. Currently in France and hospitalized once again following complications related to her second pregnancy, Jessica Thivenin is sending a message to her fans on her Snapchat account.

She asks that her fans no longer come to her room. “I’m going to ask you nicely, I’m telling you, since it happened the last time. Please don’t come to my hospital room. I share with you what I am going through, I give you news, there is no problem. However, don’t come and ask me for pictures in my hospital room, please don’t come to my house either, it’s the same. ” Visibly very tired on the video, her speech outraged several Internet users, who describe these people as “devoid of common sense”.

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Indeed, for several days, she and her husband, Thibault Garcia have been facing harassment right up to their home. People come to ring the bell and film the house, despite the various warnings. Very annoyed by this situation, which definitely does not occur at the right time for the couple, the police were notified.

A very complicated second pregnancy

Five months pregnant, the famous Marseillais candidate has a series of complications. At the beginning of the month, she was losing water and had to be admitted to hospital urgently. Back home, bedridden, she lost a lot of blood, which meant that she was again taken care of. ” I am at the hospital. Thibaud will arrive. I still lost a lot of blood all at once. Full of liquid, all of a sudden. Like the last time in the middle of the night, except that it was this morning. I was lying on the couch, my son was on the bed, I wasn’t doing anything crazy. I didn’t even get up to go to the bathroom ”, she said.

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An alarming situation which is reminiscent of her first pregnancy. Then pregnant with her son Maylone (1 year), she also had to face all kinds of complications. We wish him good luck!

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