Stop everything! Valve has registered the Counter-Strike 2 trademark!

Maxence Glineur

March 20, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.


counter strike chicken © © Lucas Luquinhas / Pixabay

© Lucas Luquinhas/Pixabay

It is therefore no longer a rumor: the publisher seems to want to release a new version of its flagship license soon.

Counter-Strike is one of the most iconic video games of the century, having invaded many high school LAN clubs in the 2000s and inspired almost countless multiplayer FPS games. After 23 years of loyal service, and more than a decade after the release of Global Offensive, the license finally seems ready to move into the 2020s.

Little doubt about the goods

While there’s no official announcement from the publisher just yet, it’s almost certain that a Counter-Strike 2 is on the way. Indeed, by rummaging through the registers of the Office responsible for the registration of patents and trademarks in the United States, we find a new entry from Valve which is difficult to confuse.

On March 14, the company filed with the organization an application for registration of the brand ” CS2 » and a « related properties section », including any product and brand likely to be linked to it. Of course, an acronym can be anything. However, this query includes two serial numbers that lead straight to the Counter-Strike and CSGO brands. It is therefore clearly not a Cooking Simulator 2.

Fine, but when?

The franchise has been talking about it for several days. CSGO has indeed seen its backend part modified, so that one could assume that the title would finally go under Source 2, the latest graphics engine from Valve. More so, it was spotted in an update of the NVIDIA drivers the support for two new executables named “ csgo2.exe ” And ” cs2.exe “. It’s almost clearer than a simple tweet, isn’t it?

If no release date or launch of a beta is yet very officially announced, it is to be hoped that Valve will not be too late. Indeed, it’s been a while since the license has seen a major overhaul. And while it still breaks activity records and maintains a sizable esports scene, newer games like Valorant from Riot Games could gradually attract more and more players.

Source : PCGamesN

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