Storing milk correctly: this is the right place in the refrigerator

Just not in the door
This is the right place for milk in the refrigerator

Milk in the door? D rather not!


Storing milk properly does not seem worth considering. Open the fridge, put in the carton, close the door. But the door is the wrong place – the milk can spoil more easily there! You can find out where the milk actually belongs in this video!

Indeed? DO NOT put milk in the door of the refrigerator? That sounds absurd, because firstly, refrigerators have a shelf the perfect size of a milk carton for a reason – and secondly, we have all been putting milk there all our lives without any disadvantages. But it actually turns out that things don’t have to be the best solution just because we’ve always done them that way. In the video you can see why the door has some disadvantages for your milk.


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